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5 Ice Cube Trays That Are Perfect For Summer

As one of our loyal shoppers, we know that one of the things you turn to us most for is cool, unique gifts that you can’t or won’t find elsewhere. And our ice trays fit that bill perfectly. From shark shaped ice cubes to the “perfect man,” you’ll love these fun and funky shapes designed to keep your drinks literally cool.

Coolamari Octopus Ice Tray

Coolamari Ice Tray

Kids and adults like will delight in these adorable octopus shaped ice cubes. Just drop one in and the eight arms will keep you from overheating. Sounds dreamy to us!

Coolamari Octopus Tray $7.95

Shark 3D Ice Cube Tray

Ice Shark 3D

Shark attack! Just kidding. These are just for fun! Freeze this shark-shaped 3D ice cube and plop it in a bowl of punch (or jungle juice for the adults) at your next poolside party.

Shark 3D Ice Cube Tray $11.95

Perfect Man Ice Tray

Perfect Man Ice Tray

Perfect Man Ice Tray $9.95

The perfect man is, well, he doesn’t exist. But these perfect man ice cubes do! Plop one your drink next time you go on a bad date. It will make you feel better. We promise.

Cool Pool Ice Cube Tray

Cool Pool Ice Cube Tray

Cool Pool Ice Cube Tray $13.95

Let your love of billiards shine through with these pool-ball shaped ice cubes. Drop an eight ball in the water and let it cool down. Who knows? Maybe the ice will give you luck and you’ll sink your next ball. Either way, get ready to play ball!


Silicone Ice Balls



Ice cubes are a thing of the past. 2015 is all about ice balls. These Silicon Ice Balls come in a pack of 6 and the sphere shape allows them to melt slower than the average ice cube. Just fill these with water and let them freeze. You’ll have the coolest looking punch bowl and drinks for your guests ever.

Silicon Ice Balls (Pack of 6) $24.95

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