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Adorable Oven Mitts Bakers Will Love

Baking is one of our favorite activities. There’s nothing like savoring cookies and muffins that you’ve made yourself—smeared icing and all. And you’ll want a cute pair of oven mitts to take your latest creation out of the oven. It will make the entire process just a little sweeter. From mitts in the shapes of baseball mitts to a heart-shaped one, you’ll delight in using these.

Homerun Oven Mitt

Homerun Oven Mitt

For many, summertime equals baseball. Even if you’re not a fan, it really is this season’s quintessential sport. And these oven mitts will help remind you of that. It’s in the shape of a classic leather glove and is a great way to get the men in your life interested in baking. Play ball!

Homerun Oven Mitt $10.95


Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

These bear hands are mitts even men will love. Slip them on and say “rawr” or whatever bears “say.” Wear them on your next trip to your favorite cabin in the woods. Or just when you want to have fun with your kids.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts $14.95


X-Ray Oven Glove 

X-Ray Oven Glove

No need to visit the doctor to get an X-ray. Plus, who wants to do that anyway? These black gloves with the X-ray image of a hand are super cool and perfect for the science-obsessed friend in your life.

X-Ray Oven Glove $11.95


Greetings Earthling! Oven Mitt

Greetings Earthling Oven Mitt

Cue The X-Files theme music—you could even put an episode on when you’re cooking—and put these alien-themed gloves on.

Greetings Earthling! Oven Mitt $9.95


Hot to Handle Oven Mitt



This red, heart-shaped mitt is a great gift to give the sweetie in your life. This flexible made-out-of-silicone mitt is perfect for all the “hot” dishes you should be making. Give it as a gift or use it to make a cake you can eat together.

Hot to Handle Oven Mitt $8.95

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