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Top 5 Unique Wine Stoppers

The only thing more enjoyable than drinking wine? Why a cute wine topper, of course! And we’ve got just the picks that will do the trick. From a kitty to a bear wine stopper, these adorable ones are to make enjoying that next glass even better. Cheers!

Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper



Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper

If you love cats, this wine stopper is for you. Simply plug the wine bottle with this kitty that’s trying to lick the wine. It’s cute—like your favorite cat—and sweet—like a great bottle of wine should be.

Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper $10.95


Venus de Wino


Venus De Wino Wine Stopper

A fantastic bottle of wine is like a great piece of art—it’s truly unforgettable. And this Venus topper will help remind you of that. Put this in any bottle you haven’t finished to savor it. Plus, Venus is the goddess of love, which makes this a perfect gift for your sweetie. Here’s to love and wine!

Gama-go Venus De Wino Bottle Stopper $10.95


Bear Bottle Stopper


MollaSpace Bear Bottle Stopper

This polar bear wine stopper is designed to remind users of two important issues: global warming and polar bears. But besides that, it’s just gorgeous to look at.

MollaSpace Polar Bear Bottle Stopper $10.95


Coq au Vin Wine Stopper


Rubber Chicken Bottle Stopper

Rubber chickens are one of the most fun gifts ever. And this rubber chicken bottle stopper is the perfect gift for a prankster … or just a chef who loves chicken. Buck! Buck!

Coq Au Vin Wine Stopper $9.95


Monkey Wine Stopper


Monkey Wine Stopper

If you’re looking for a cheeky wine stopper, this one is the perfect one for you. Just stick this one in that bottle of wine and admire this monkey’s rear legs. Either way, it’s funny and memorable!

Monkey Wine Stopper by Donkey $8.95

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