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4 Great Massagers For Under $150

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If one of your new year’s resolutions was to relax more, but you’re on a tight budget (massages are nice, but expensive), don’t worry. These relatively expensive tools will let you unwind and won’t stress out your wallet. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “ahhh” well into 2016.

Carepeutic Deluxe Foot Massager

If you love foot massages (and really, who doesn’t?), this is for you. This tool is designed to improve circulation and give your feet some much needed TLC. Think of this machine as a reflexology, shiatsu and acupressure master. In short, it’s like magic.


Deluxe Foot Massager

“Eye Tune” Eye Massager

If you’re feeling stressed, one of the easiest and fastest ways to alleviate this is to close your eyes. This eye massager can help you get there faster. This Eye Massager uses acupressure, air pressure and magnetic therapy to help soothe you. Next time your kids are driving you up the wall, put this one and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere. Fruity cocktail optional.


Carepeutic Deluxe Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager

Drape this around your neck and shoulders, and relax as it kneads away at your tight muscles. Since many people carry tension in their upper body, this is one of the best ways to let go. Plus, this is heated—a wonderful perk during these chilly months.

UPMKH239 (2)

 Carepeutic Spine-Relax Shiatsu Back Massager

Who wouldn’t love a back massage every night? With this tool, you can make that a reality. The eight shiatsu massage balls rotate and are designed to each work on nerves along your spine. In other words, you’re getting a really nice massage without shelling out hundreds.

UPMKH267Here’s to more relaxation in your life!

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