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Have a Fourth of July Blowout with These Accessories

Summer’s loudest and most colorful holiday (have you ever heard fireworks?!) is just days away. If you’ll be throwing a shindig, we’ve got just the goods to help make it a blast. From red, white and blue shoes laces to beer goggles, your party is guaranteed to be the best one in your neighborhood. Happy Independence Day!

USA Crazy Laces 

usa crazy laces

If you want to show your patriotism without going too over the top, consider these USA laces. They’re red, white and (you guessed it!) blue! These will brighten up that pair of white high tops you have lying around or just make great party favors.

Awesome Top Hats

Awesome Top Hats

To take your party from blah to totally awesome, try these top hats. Have your guests affix these to their heads and pretend their Uncle Sam! These will look great in Instagram posts, for sure.

Watermelon Tap

Watermelon Tap

What’s summer’s ultimate fruit? Why, watermelon, of course! And you’ll want to literally tap this fruit to make mixed drinks or just provide a refreshing drink for your guests. Drink up.

Double Dog Condiment Dispenser

double dog condiment dispenser

Every fourth of July fete should have hot dogs. And what do hot dogs needs? Ketchup and mustard. And this condiment dispenser will make it so you can put on at the same time or just make it a lot harder to lose one. Either way, this is a winner!

Chill Salad Bowl Set

Chill Salad Bowl Set

This salad bowl set will solve all your salad woes. The big bowl contains other small ones and is perfect if you’re hosting or going to a party. Simply take everything out, mix your salad and voila! You’ve got a salad plus all the plates.

Bum Bag

Bum Bag

To keep those drinks cold and you guests laughing, consider these bum bag cozies. Each one looks like a bag a wino would use to chill their booze bottles. Plus, these make great party favors.

Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles

If you want another cute favor or just have a great sense of humor, consider these beer goggles. Slide this around your favorite beer, and when you hand the drink to someone, say “you’ve got beer goggles!”

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