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Fun Travel Games For Your Summer Road Trips

Summertime is here and along with the extra sunshine and sunscreen, you’ll probably be on the road or traveling somewhere. And you’ll need games to help pass the time. If you’ve got kids, they can play these in the back of your car. If you’re an adult, you can use these when you’re

Wood Deck of Cards

Wood Deck of Cards

Forget that black and white deck of cards! Trade that blah option for this gritty western inspired one instead. On the plus side, it will make it harder to lose these. And admit it: they’re just so cool.

Wood Deck of Cards $10.95


Ladders Game

Ladders Stacking Game

Las Escaleras is a ladder stacking game designed by Pico Pao for the Museum of Modern Art. Stack these up and make your own gorgeous works of art! This is like the adult upgrade of the childhood favorite Chutes and Ladders. Expect Picasso would have loved this one. Great for ages 8 and up.

Stacking Ladders Game $55.00


Racing Ducks

Racing Ducks

Drop these duckies in the bathtub and watch ‘em go. Kids will love playing with these in the bath or even in the pool too. Give these to your children as you lounge by the pool sipping drinks.

Racing Ducks $9.95


Roulette Drinking Game

Present Time Roulette Drinking Game

If you need help getting the party going, this roulette drinking game will help. Spin the wheel, see where it lands and then drink … or not. Either way, have fun!

Roulette Drinking Game $3.95

DIY Ukelele Kit

DIY Ukelele Kit

Any musically inclined kid or adult will love this DIY Ukelele that they can play at the beach, in a car or hotel. This is a fun toy everyone can partake in. Not to mention how gratifying it will be playing from a musical instrument they built themselves. Talk about a toy crafted out of love!

DIY Ukelele Kit $36.95



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