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Wedding Gifts That the Bride and Groom Will Adore

It’s June, which means that wedding season is in full swing. While you’re sifting through the mountains of invitations, save the date cards and dresses, you’ve also got to pick up a gift or two. If you’d rather not go off the registry (I mean, who really needs that many soup bowls ladles?!), we’ve got just the gifts. You’ll love these unique ones that will be sure to stand out amongst the picture frames and comforters.

Lolita Bride & Groom Wine Glass Set

Lolita Bride & Groom Wine Glass Set

Ditch those boring Champagne flutes for these colorful painted wine glasses. The bridge and groom are sure to love this pair that depicts a happy couple. Each glass has a recipe on the bottom so you can whip up a great drink for the recipient. This pair will be perfect for that first toast. Cheers!

Bride & Groom Wine Glass Set $42.75

Spacepak Set

flight 001 spacepak

After the wedding comes the honeymoon, where the couple can relax and bask in some tropical destination while they enjoy each other’s company. But it can be stressful leading up to this dreamy time since they usually take off right after the wedding. But not with these Spacepaks. These make packing a breeze. There’s one for clothes (both clean and dirty), one for shoes and another for toiletries. Everything is separated and will make packing a true breeze. Couples will also love this practical gift.

Flight 001 Spacepak Travel Set $98.95

On the Rocks Highball Glass And Ice Set

Highball Glass Set

Weddings call for a celebration. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by pouring a drink and knocking glasses. And this set—which comes with four glasses and four ice balls so you can chill what’s inside gradually—is the perfect gift for two. Cheers!

On the Rocks Glass & Iceball Set $49.99

Wine Decanter Set

Final Touch Wine Decanter

Wine-loving couples will adore this charming gift. They can filter their wine of choice through an aerator and into a decanter where they can sip their sweet, sweet wine. Sounds like a dream to us! Wine not included. But it would make another great gift.

Wine Decanter Set $52.95

Wobble Chess Set

wobble chess set

Don’t buy the happy couple a boring old chess set when you could get them this cool one with pieces that wobbles. It’s the perfect piece of home décor and a game that future houseguests will love to play. Checkmate!

Umbra Wobble Chess Set $250

The Ex Chrome Knife Set

ex chrome knife set

Let’s face it: you both probably have exes that you either don’t like or would rather admit don’t exist. If there’s still some resentment bubbling up underneath the surface, use this clever and functional knife set to alleviate some of that anger. Simply drive a knife through this figure and think about your (or your spouse’s) ex. It will make you feel better. Trust us. And you get bonus points for honesty with this gift.

Ex Chrome Knife Set $199

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