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Enliven Your Bathroom With These Unique Items

If your bathroom could use a little sprucing up—let’s face it, many tend to be pretty drab—we’ve got products that will brighten up the space. From fun bath mats to wall décor, you’ll love these fun and colorful accessories that will make your bathroom beautiful.

Owl Bath Mat

Owl Bath Mat

If you’ve ever slipped in your bathtub, you know how important bath mats are. Made out of natural rubber, this owl bathmat is so cute that we could picture it in Zooey Deschanel’s house. Or just in a home you share with your kids.

Owl Bath Mat by Kikkerland $18.95

Bird Bath Shower Caddy

bird bath shower caddy

Forget about the cold looking metal shower caddies—this one has birds on it and is beautiful. We can see this being a perfect gift for people who love to sing in the shower!

Bird Caddy by Umbra $35.95

Gold Buddha Soap Dish
Gold Buddha Soap Dish

If your bathroom could stand to be more of a peaceful sanctuary, this gold Buddha soap dish will help. Put this on your counter and say, “ohm.”

Gold Buddha Soap Dish by Gama-Go $21.95


Junk in Your Trunk

Junk In Your Trunk

If you need an actual trunk to hide all your bathroom junk (ha!), this will do just the trick. Store your Q-Tips, loose change and safety pins in this cute organizer shaped like a tree trunk. It will keep your bathroom counter clutter free.

Junk In Your Trunk by Gama-Go $16.95

Pluff Wall Décor

Pluff Wall Decor

If real flowers aren’t in your budget, this dandelion wall décor is the perfect accessory to brighten up your bathroom. Plus, these are 3D, which ups their cool factor.

Pluff Wall Decor by Umbra $ 10.95

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