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Check Out These Convenient Cord Organizers

That unsightly jumble of cords you’ve got in your home is about to get a lot better. These cute cord holders are meant to help you keep everything nice and neat. From bunny rabbits to leaf-shaped ones, your cords will have never looked so cute.

Great Balls of Wire

Great Balls of Wire

You’ll love these cute great balls of wire that you can use to keep your cords out of the way. These are portable and perfect if you’re always working in different offices. The bright colors makes it easy to spot too! You could even play catch with these on a slow day.

Great Balls of Wire $5.95


Plug Out Organizers

Plug Out Organizers

This practical and attractive organizer can hold four to eight cords for different devices. This is perfect for when you want to unplug an item after using it without worrying about losing the cords.

Plug Out Organizers $8.95


Knotty Bunny Cable Organizers

knotty bunny organizers


These colorful knotty bunnies are a cute and adorable way to organize your cords. Use the blue one for your cable and the yellow one for your computer—or use whichever color combo you like best. You just slip the cord through the center, and use the ears to keep everything secure.

Knotty Bunny Cable Organizers $4.95

Leafkeepers Cable Ties

Leaf Keepers Cable Ties

These leaf-shaped nylon ties are sure to keep cord clutter to a minimum. Your eco-friendly pals will probably get a kick out of these. Or maybe you just use these in your plant room.

Leafkeepers Cable Ties $5.95


Block Earphone Holder

Block Earphone Holder Case

Tired of always getting your eye buds tangled? Then you’ll love these LEGO shaped organizers. They’re so cute that you’ll actually enjoy using them. Try creating a tower if you’re feeling playful.

Block Earphone Holder $6.95

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