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Dazzling Coasters That Will Brighten Up Your Coffee Table

Coasters are typically seen as being a rather “blah” home décor item. But we want to change that. Our coasters are fun, eye-catching statement pieces that are sure to have your guests asking, “where did you buy this?” From scrabble pieces to ones shaped like LPs, these picks are sure to wow.


Scrabble Coasters

Wild Wolf Scrabble Coasters

Word nerds rejoice! These Scrabble coasters that look like Scrabble pieces will delight fans of this beloved board game. This set includes two full alphabets so you can even play a game of Scrabble. How do you spell xylophone again?

Scrabble Coasters $21.95

45 Record Coasters

Gamago 45 Record Coasters

Vinyl collectors can add these coasters to their vintage collections. These 45 record coasters are dishwasher safe and made of silicone, which makes for easy cleanup. Put on one of your favorite records when you whip these out.

45 Record Coasters $11.95

MoMA Doodle and Scatch Coasters

MoMA doodle and scratch coasters

If you thought coasters can’t be artistic, that’s only because you never saw this set. Available in doodle or scratch, you’ll love how chic these look on any table. These are even cool enough for your next dinner party or even Johnny Depp.

MoMA Doodle and Scratch Coasters $16.00

CMYK Coasters

CMYK coasters

Classic art meets practical coasters with this pick. These CMYK—the four colors that are used in printed materials to create images—coasters come in four different iconic images: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with Pearl Earring”, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” When separated, each one comes in cyan, magenta, yellow or black. They basically like an 80s party would.

CMYK Coasters $14.95


Sealife Coasters

Thomas Paul Sea Life Coaster Set

As much as we love artistic coasters, we like the laid-back ones too. If you own a beach house or just love the beach, these sea life coasters by designer Thomas Paul are sure to brighten up you home. Each of the four options features seashells—perfect for days when you dip your toes in the sand or just wish you were there.

Thomas Paul Sea Life Coaster Set $18.00

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