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Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

We heart dad

Father’s Day is just days away, and if your father has too many ties in his closet (and really, what dad doesn’t?), these gifts can help solve that problem. From beer tasting glasses to a bullet pen, your Dad will know just how much you appreciate him with these great finds. No ties in sight on this list!

Beer Tasting Set

Plenty of men love beer. But just how many of them really “know” beer? If your Dad wants to up his beer game, this set of glasses can help. Each one comes with a card discussing food, cheese and dessert pairings, serving temperature, glass pairing and steps to tasting beer. With this gift, your Dad will be the coolest one on the block.

Craft Beer Tasting Set

Beer Tasting Set by Final Touch $33.95


50 Caliber Bullet Pen

When it comes to gifts with the “cool” factor, this bullet pen is hard to top. It’s made out of a real bullet—no fake stuff for us. It’s also durable too. The pen is crafted out of brass and is refillable. In short, this pen is the perfect gift.


50 Caliber Bullet Pen

50 Caliber Bullet Pen by Lucky Shot $12.95



Everyone knows that the worst part of grilling is the clean up. Sure, you love eating your grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, but cleaning the grill is annoying. This grillbot solves this. After you’re finished cooking, turn this thing on and let the grillbot work its automated cleaning magic.



Grill Cleaning Robot by Grillbots $127.95

Diamond Glasses

If your father likes whiskey or bourbon, he’ll want this set of sleek diamond drinking glasses. It’s designed to help the drinker enjoy each and every taste of the whiskey. And this way he can pretend he’s James Bond.


Diamond Glass Set of 2 by ThumsUp! $22.95

Spin-Clean Record Washer System – 40th Anniversary Retro Unit

If your Dad has a stack of vinyl in the house or is a young-ish hipster type, this record cleaning system is for him. This can remove Removes static, fingerprints, grease, smoke, film and dirt from old school LPs. Once it’s done, put on the record and jam!

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII 40th Anniversary Retro Unit


MKII Record Washer System 40th Anniversary Retro Unit by Spin-Clean $99.99

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