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Great Gifts for Grads

June can only mean one thing: graduations galore. If you’re not a graduate yourself, chances are you know someone who’s graduating or at the very least, have seen plenty of graduation gowns popping up in your newsfeed as of late. But don’t despair if you have no idea what to give your mortarboard-wearing friends, we’ve got the perfect gifts for the grad in your life. From alarm clocks to business card holders, these snappy gifts are sure to impress. We’ll make the gift giving part of graduation easier. Now, if we could only make sitting through those long speeches a breeze.

i5 Alarm Dock

areaware i5 alarm dock

Like most grads, you’ll probably be headed for college or to the workforce. But no matter what your future holds, chances are you’ll need an alarm clock. And this sleek beech wood i5 Alarm Dock from Areaware one is just beautiful. This uses your iPhone as an alarm clock and charges it too. In short, it’s the perfect gift. Now, if you only getting that plumb job or gaining admission into your dream college was as simple.

iPhone 5 Alarm Dock by Areaware $38.00


Bank in the Form of a Pig

Bank in the Form of a Pig

No matter where you are in your life, you’ll want to save money. And this Bank in the Form of a Pig (modeled after a real pig!) is the perfect place to put your spare dollars and coins. Best of all, it can hold up to $10,000—an admirable savings goal for anyone.

Bank in the Form of a Pig by Areaware $125.00

Cork Globe

Cork Globe

If traveling is part of your post-grad plan (we’d recommend it), then this cork globe is for you. Push pins through this to mark where you’ve been and where you hope to go. Hopefully Buenos Aires or Rio is in your future.

Cork Globe by Suck UK $146.95

MoMA Business Card Holder

moma business card holder

If you’re entering the professional world, you’ll want some sleek business cards to complement your new status. And this business card holder is the perfect place to store ‘em. You’ll enjoy putting this on your desk.

Page 1 Business Card Holder by MoMA $40.00

Perpetual Wall Calendar

Perpetual Wall Calendar MoMA by Dan Reisinger

Ditch your boring old paper calendar and trade it for this DIY Perpetual Wall Calendar from the Museum of Modern Art, designed by graphic artist Dan Reisinger. You get to pick the date and design on each page of this calendar. And best of all? You never have to replace it! It’s an idea so simple, we can’t believe there aren’t more of these on the market.

Perpetual Wall Calendar by MoMA $78.00

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