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June 4th Is “Hug Your Cat Day”

If you hug your cat today and want to make them feel more appreciated, here are some gifts that can help. From picture hangers to toys, you and your cats will get a kick out of these quirky accessories. Meow!

Catwalk Picture Hanger

Catwalk Picture Hanger

If you want to be reminded of your fur babies all day long, consider these cute cat picture hangers. Tie up a string (just make sure your cat doesn’t bat it down), and use these to secure photos of your precious pets. It will help you get through those tough work days.

Fling Ama String

 Fling Ama Thing

Now, here’s a string that your cat will love to play with. Hang this on a doorknob and watch as your cat tries to “grab” the string as it moves everywhere. The string stops moving when your cat “catches” it, but then starts up again when they let go. It’s like the lazy person’s string toy or as we like to think of it, as a free cat babysitter.

Small Snuggle Bed 

Snuggle Pet Bed by P.L.A.Y

This incredible bed comes in four different shapes—make it a cave, pod, cup or lie it flat. And your cat will love it. Our favorite is the cave. Wrap your cat up in the cave—your Garfield will look cute as a button—and get ready for the Instagram likes to come flooding in.

Cat Keyboard Scratcher 

Gamago Cat Keyboard Scratcher

Your cat may love a scratcher, but they do tend to be unattractive. But not this time! Your cat will enjoy scratching out killer beats on this piano. Grab a guitarist and drummer, and you’ll have yourself a kitty rock band. Maybe the trio will be the next One Direction.

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