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Fun Gift Ideas For Babies And Toddlers

We love babies over here at 2Shoppper. We appreciate their giggles and their chubby cheeks. And our babies deserve the best, don’t they? And these gifts will make your baby smile. Enjoy!

Spraycan Baby Rattle

Spraycan Baby Rattle

This rattle shaped like a spray paint can is the perfect way to make your baby the next Banksy. It’s cute! Plus, you might as well get those wild days out of your little one’s system early on.


Gum Me Teethers

Fred Gum Me Gummi Teethers

When your baby’s teeth come in, it hurts. But a teething tool can help make it easier. And this gummy bear shaped teething tool is the cutest solution!


Crumb Catcher Baby Bib

Crumb Catcher Baby Bib

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly way to make mealtime clean up easier, this rubber bib will do the trick. It has a cute tuxedo design (your baby will look like Frank Sinatra) with a lip that can catch excess food. How’s that for clever?


Warm Heart Herbal Huggie Bear

Streamline Warm heart Huggie Bear

Your baby will love this warm lavender and buckwheat teddy bear. Your little one can hold this warm, loving bear close and feel better. Everyone say “awe.“


Insulated Baby Bottle Warmer

Baby Bottle Insulated Warmer

We can’t think of a cuter baby bottle warmer than this one. This warmer has cute tiny cows on it and even cow spots on the other side. Every other mom or dad will be envious of this one.

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