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Smart Tools To Make Cleaning Fun

Oh, yes, when the weather finally starts to warm up, we’re all given that societal nudge to whip our homes into better shape. But since cleaning isn’t exactly the most fun activity, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done. And our picks will do just the trick. From frog mop covers to gloves that look like tattoos, these goods will make cleaning a little more fun.


Pop Mop Wiper Frog

Pop Mop Wiper FrogMopping isn’t the most fun activity, but this frog mop can help make it better. Slip this on over your mop, and use it to sop up dust and/or water. It’s like magic.


Beans Bottle Cleaning Sponges 

The most annoying part of cleaning jars? Trying to scrub out the narrow tops, of course. But that’s where these bean sponges come into play. Throw ‘em in a bottle with soap and water, shake and then pull them out to really clean every inch of the glass.


Tuff Dish Gloves

We all know that washing your hands can leave them dry and brittle. But not with these great gloves. They’re pink with hardcore tattoo designs that say “wash hard” on one hand and “dry young” on another. Slip this on when you want to feel like a badass when you’re washing dishes.


Go Clean Boots

What tracks more dirt into your home than anything else? Your shoes. But these boot bags will make that easier. Place your dirty boots or shoes in these bags to help keep the dirt out of your home.

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One comment on “Smart Tools To Make Cleaning Fun

  1. Yvonne Sharp
    November 10, 2015

    These are great ideas! Totally love the gloves. All suggestions are going to be great gifts for my colleagues. Thank you for the inspiration! Yvonne from 🙂


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