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Get Your Groove On With These Musical Items

The world is obsessed with music and rightly so. Can you think of another art form that defines our lives more? Music can give you the soundtrack to your first love or the albums that largely defined your adolescence. But enough with the serious stuff. Music is supposed to be fun. If you don’t believe us, head to the theater to watch Pitch Perfect 2 or see Anne Hathaway swinging on a “wrecking ball” to the Miley Cyrus song. And these accessories can help you get down.

Giant DJ Mat 

DJ Mat

Get the party started with this DJ mat! You’ll love being able to create your own tunes using eight musical instruments, four different drums and three scratch sound effects. Once you’re done being Mozart, plug your own mp3 player in for a truly loud party. You can even use this as a karaoke tool. Sing away!

Hand Crank Music Box

Kikkerland Music Box Pick a song and then turn the crank to make this box sing. It’s like old-timey magic that will transport you back to the 50s. Who needs jukeboxes anyway?

BluFuse Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for an easy to way to make your iPhone music blast through the speakers? This Bluetooth speaker will do the trick. This nifty device is rechargeable and can play music for up to five hours—just enough time for you to dance all night.

Magic Pencil Earphones

Magic Pencil Earphones

The only thing you need more than great music? Why great headphones, of course! And these ones—shaped like little yellow pencils that you used as an elementary school student—will do just the trick. They’re cute, portable and get great sound quality. Plus, we love how these make it look like you stuck a pencil through your head. Some grade school jokes never go out of style.


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