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Perfect Gifts for Your Dog

If you’ve got a furry friend in your life (or maybe even two or three), we know how much you love them. From their pure excitement when you get home every day to the way they wag their tales when they’re happy, few things are better than being loved by a few good dogs. And if you’re looking for a way to show Fido that you appreciate him, here are a slew of gifts that can help. From toys to leashes, walk on!

Plush Carrot Toy

Carrot Plush ToyForget about bones. How about throwing your dog a carrot? Chances are, your best furry friend will love chewing on this plush, orange carrot. It’s got a squeaker inside, and it’s sure to provide you and your dog with hours of entertainment.


Wobble Balls

wobble ballsOpen this wobble ball up, insert treats and then watch your dog play! It will provide your fur baby and you with hours of entertainment. And that’s a gift you can both enjoy.


Mini Humunga Dog Toy


Mini humunga toys

A dog owner with a sense of humor will appreciate these toys. Made from non-toxic and natural rubber, these cute toys in the shapes of mustaches and long tongues will leave you howling with laughter. Who says cheap laughs aren’t fun? Not us.


Retractable Dog Leash With Light


Smart Dog Leash

Every dog owner is searching for the perfect leash. And this one does the trick. It’s retractable and has a light—perfect for nighttime jaunts or quick daytime walks.


Large Snuggle Bed

pet play snuggle bedEach dog deserves a great bed. And this bed is the perfect pick. It’s snuggly and has four different shapes—cup, flat, cave or pod. Your pet will be able to curl up however they like. Plus, they’ll just look so darn cute!


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