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Perfect Gifts for Teachers Appreciation Week

This entire week is National Teachers Appreciation Week. If you have children or have friends who are teachers, these gifts are sure to make their jobs that much better. From mugs featuring apples to wine glasses, let the teachers in your life know just how much they matter.

Teacher’s Time Out Wine Glass


Teachers with a great sense of humor will love this wine glass. It’s etched with a chalkboard declaring “teacher’s time out.” Because, let’s face it, teachers need breaks too. Pair this with a great bottle of wine for the ultimate gift.


Crumpled Paperweights

Crumpled Paperweights

Ditch that boring black paperweight, and trade it for this artistic one of a crumpled piece of paper. The folks at MoMa have created this silk-screened vinyl paperweight that resembles a musical composition. It would be perfect for a music teacher, but really would work for anyone. Just be sure not to throw it out.


50/50 Pencils

50/50 PencilsWe could all use more color in our lives. Trade those old-school (ha!) plain lead pencils for some colored ones. Give these to the art teacher or just the eccentric librarian.


Musical Ruler

Musical Ruler

Yellow, wood rulers are so boring. This musical ruler—yes, it actually does play music—is a game changer. Use it to measure, hold one end off it off a table and then press down on it to create simple tunes. It’s an easy way to kill some time if you need a break. And teachers need breaks.


Brocade Letter Holder

Brocade Letter Holder

Every teacher’s desk is probably his or her most important space. And this black brocade letter holder will make it beautiful and organized.


Magritte Son of a Man Mug 

Magritte Son of a Man Mug

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, this mug is the perfect combination of a classic teacher’s gift with a modern edge. Give them this iconic Magritte image with an apple in front of his face. It’s almost like giving a teacher a real apple, just cooler.

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