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Great Gifts for Mother’s Day

We’re big fans of pretty much every holiday over here at 2Shopper, and Mother’s Day is one of our favorites. If you want to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world and raised you, we’ve got some ideas. So ditch the box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers and cheesy cards for a few gifts that she’ll actually treasure. This will be the best Mother’s Day yet. Enjoy!

Inside Out Heart Cup & Saucer

Inside Out Heart Shaped Cups

What could be more perfect than afternoon tea with your mother? Why, drinking said tea out of this adorable set. Perfect for young girls and women alike, this heart-shaped saucer and teacup set is the best accessory for afternoon tea drinking. Pinkies up, ladies!


Babushka Tea Infusers

Babushka Tea Infuser

OK, so maybe hearts aren’t your thing (to each his own), but these cute-as-a-button babushkas are sure to win you over. Open one up, fill it with your favorite loose leaf tea (we’re big fans of mint tea) and then let it steep. In no time, you’ll have a piping hot cup and an adorable infuser. And who could ask for more, really?


Lolita Wildflower Wine Glass

Wildflower Wine Glass

What do most moms love? Why, wine, of course. And this spring-ilicious (yes, we made that up) wine glass will make sipping on your favorite Chardonnay even more enjoyable for your mom. Cheers!


Happy Jackson Kiss + Make Up Bag


Forget about that plain, ‘ol boring black makeup bag, and consider this bright turquoise-on-the-outside-and-magenta-on-the-inside creation with a clever phrase on the front. It’s bright and mom will love it. We’re not making this up (ha!).


Colorfest Shoulder Tote


Since we’re on a bright colored bag kick, consider purchasing this larger shoulder tote for your mom too. She’ll love the beautiful flower pattern and that it’s good for the environment too. The perfect shopping or travel bag for any occasion.

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