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Get Down for Cinco De Mayo With These Gifts

One of the best drinking holidays of the year is just a few days away. Celebrate the sunshine and impending summer with a happening party. Use these tools to help you mix up margaritas or enjoy tacos. Party down!

Taco Truck Taco Holders 

Taco Truck

Cinco de Drinko (we mean Mayo) calls for some tasty, Mexican eats to absorb all that alcohol you’ll be imbibing. And these taco truck holders are perfect for holding one of every drunk’s favorite foods: tacos! Eat up.

Luchador Bottle Opener Leg Holder 

luchador bottle opener

Pesky beer bottle caps are the one small thing that stands between you and a nice bottle of suds. But when you have his luchador—it means wrestler—handy, it makes opening that bottle a breeze. Plus, everyone will appreciate this themed item. Drink on!

Fingerstache Temp Tattoos

Fingerstache Temp Tattoos

‘Staches are all the rage. If you’re searching for a way to incorporate that trend into your finger, these temp tattoos are the way to do it. Plus, after a few drinks, you’ll be the coolest person at the party.

Lime Painted Blade 

lime painted blade

Chances are you’ll be making plenty of drinks with limes at your Cinco shindig. And that’s where this knife comes in handy. The lime pattern is so adorable, you’ll actually want to slice limes. Plus, the nonstick handle will make it easy to cut the limes when your hands are wet. Drink up!

Citrus Reamer

citrus reamer

Use this handy tool makes it easy to ream your lemons and limes. Use it to make margaritas! Or just to add some zest to your fish. Either way, you’ll love this dual-tool.

Spin the Shot

spin the shot

Spin the shot glass and wait for the arrow to tell you if it’s your turn to drink. If the arrow lands on you, take a drink!

Sweet Spirits Cookie Cutters 

sweet spirit cookie cutters

You’ve got us: these cookie cutters are actually to celebrate Dia de los Muetros ones. But everyone can make an exception for Cinco de Mayo, can’t they? Use these to shape some dough and then celebrate!

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