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Music Festival Accessories and Must-Haves

Coachella has kicked off the start of music festival season. If you’ll be attending one this spring or summer, you’ll need accessories to get you through those long, music-filled days. So grab a camera, a blanket and one of these travel kits to make attending a festival even better. But not as good as hearing Jack White shred live. Nothing is as good as that.

Lomo’Instant Camera

Lomography Instant Camera

Since Polaroids are long gone (RIP), this is the next best thing. Snap shots of all your friends rocking out and then watch as they develop instantly before your eyes. Sure, iPhone cameras are great, but nothing lasts like a print photo. Except for the memories of attending a rockin’ music festival.

Buy here $119.00

His and Hers Weekend Washbag Kits

Weekend Washbag Urban Kit

If you’ll be camping out or traveling, it can be tough to remember everything. And that’s why we’d recommend these washbag kits. They conveniently hold everything you might need. The His Washbag Kit features a disposable razor, shaving cream, aftershave balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant wipe (so you don’t stink), shower gel and shampoo. The Hers Washbag Kit includes everything but the shaving material and a nail file, cotton buds and pads and eye make-up remover. You’ll enjoy these almost as much as you’ll love hearing Drake perform live. Almost.

Buy here $4.95

Travelon Packable Backpack 

Travelon Packable Backpack

This is the backpack of your dreams. It will fit in your pocket and holds all essentials. Pretty neat, huh? The backpack includes two zipper compartments, two interior pockets, media pocket and audio port and two water bottle pockets—especially important since you can get so hot during music festivals. You’ll love carrying around all your merch inside these. Festival T-shirts FTW!

Buy here $22.95

Go Clean Sandals 


If you’ve got some dirty laundry (literally), you’ll want one of these cute bags to cart it home. Store your sandals, lingiere or swimsuits in these great bags. No need to worry about your mud-stains getting all over the rest of your luggage.

Buy here $18.00

Emergency Travel Blanket 

Emergency Travel Blanket

There are never enough blankets on the plane. Never. But that’s where this comes in handy. Consider using this to wrap yourself up when it gets cold or lay it on the ground if you need a place to sit. It’s nifty like that.

Buy here $30.00

In-Flight Landing Pak

In-Flight Landing Pak

You know that gross feeling you get after you step off a plane? Like you’ve been cooking in a microwave and need a shower. Well, this will help you freshen up after a long flight. Pick a canvas one in red, blue or black. You’ll love that it’s filled with dental care pouch, a freshen-up pouch and a place for your ID. With this, you’ll be ready to head straight for the festival from the plane.

Buy here $12.95

Fake Flasks

Smuggle Your Booze Fake Flasks

Every festival-goer needs just one thing (besides a ticket, of course): a fake flask that’s filled with booze. And these ones will do just the trick. One looks like tampons, another like sunscreen and one that looks like hand cream or sanitizer. These will probably get through security and provide you with plenty of fun.

Buy here $9.95

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