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Celebrate Arbor Day With These Plant Accessories


We love holidays here. Holidays are reasons to celebrate! And Arbor Day is today. If you love plants we’ve got the right tools so you can make your gardens grow.

Three Feet “Cinch” Plant Hanger

Cinch Hanger

Always tripping over plants on the floor? You won’t be if you have this nifty accessory. Use this handy tool to lift your plants off the ground and hang them up. Keep them at eye level so you and your houseguests will appreciate these even more. It holds up to 25 pounds—no need to worry about it collapsing!


postcardenPlain, flat postcards are so last year. Send someone this post-garden for a gorgeous gift they’ll never forget. When they open this up, they’ll find a beautiful setting for a garden. Plant these seeds, water them and then watch as it blooms! This will be a postcard you’ll actually want to get.

Magic Bean: I Love You

i love you magic plant If you’re searching for a way to tell someone you love without some lame card, we’ve got a great gift. Tend this magic bean and watch as it blooms to say “I Love You.” Take care of it like you would a relationship, and you’ll see it grow. Talk about magic.

Organic Basil Garden-in-a-Bag

Organic Basil Garden-In-A-Bag

We all can’t have green thumbs. Sigh. But you can pretend you have one with this bag. Use this basil seeds, potting medium and the bag and watch as the basil grows. Top it on a salad or just enjoy that strong smell.

Heirloom Lavender Garden-in-a-Bag

 Potting Shed Creations Lavender Garden-In-A-Bag

If you just want a flower that looks nice and smells even better, consider this lavender garden in a bag. Mix up the ingredients and enjoy those soothing smells. Put it in your office to help you keep your calm next time your boss is bugging you. Put this in your bedroom to lull you to sleep.

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