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Spring Fashion Trends: Pastels

Springtime means sunshine, warmth, flowers, Easter bunnies galore and plenty of pastel colors everywhere. We’re big fans of pastel colors, and we’ve got the goods to back it up. From underwater cameras to pretty coin purses, these great pastel gifts are here to help you welcome spring.

Acapulco Underwater Camera

SunnyLife Underwater CameraYou’ll want this underwater camera with you when you head somewhere tropical this spring. Snap a few shots with this 35 millimeter camera that’s decked out in yellow and blue stripes underneath the sea as you canoodle with the underwater wildlife. Say cheese!

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Fixie Pizza Cutter
Whip out this adorable pizza cutter when you throw the first patio party of the year. The sun will be shining and the cheese will bubble as you slice through it with this cute bicycle pizza cutter. We don’t like playing favorites, but we’re especially fond of the option with pink wheels and a light teal blue frame.

Diana Mini Double Rainbow 

Diana Mini Double RainbowWhat’s not to love about this pink camera? This retro find—its design was inspired by famed New York City artist Tara McPherson—features a pink frame complete with light blue, pink and green stars and stripes. You’ll actually look forward to getting your picture taken, especially when it’s with this great camera.

La Sardina & Flash Capri Grotta Azzura

La Sardina & Flash Capri Grotta Azzura
Really make a statement with this bold camera. You’ll fall in love with the pink and black stripes, but not before you appreciate the high-quality photos this camera captures. This wide-angle lens features an 89-degree field of view, MX switch, rewind knob, two focus settings and makes multiple exposures easy. Translation? Get the gorgeous photos you’ve always wanted with a camera that Taylor Swift would carry.

2D LED Table Lamp

Lumisource 2D LED Lamp

Ditch your boring old office lamp and replace it with nifty, color-changing LED one. You can pretend like you’re at a disco as you watch the colors fade from blue to pink to yellow to purple and then all the way back to blue. Or just keep things plain and simple as you leave it set on white LED mode. This also makes for a great nightlight!

746 Swedish Green Phone

746 Petrol Retro Phone - Swedish Green

If you’re sad about Mad Men ending soon (we feel you there), consider getting this phone to hold on to the era. You’ll love this vintage green color and wrapping the cord around your finger. Remember doing that?

Squirrel Wall Hook 

Squirrel Wall Hook

Who wouldn’t want to hang their purse, coat or keys on a cute squirrel hook? This one comes with a cute, pastel pink squirrel that you’re sure to adore as much as you do that much-needed spring weather.

Coffee Money Coin Purse

Coffee Money Coin Purse

Forget about having to fish out coins from the bottom of your purse ever again. You’ll actually enjoy finding this colorful, clever coin purse. It’s emblazoned with the phrase “coffee, the last cheap drug,” and you’ll love the beautiful purples, pinks, blue and yellow plastered on the front. Who says coin purses can’t be beautiful? Not us, that’s for sure.

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