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Get Baked! Fun Gifts For 420

Every stoner’s favorite holiday is just a few days away. If you’ll be personally celebrating or know someone who does (wink, wink), we’ve got the perfect gifts for you. From coasters to cookies, these gifts are sure to make your holiday that much better. Enjoy!

Hi Times Coasters


Hi Times CoastersThese four silicone coasters in the shapes of pot leaves are perfect for resting your bong, uh, we mean beer glasses. Either way, use these to keep the water stains off the tables and your guests amused.

Buy at $11.95

Baking With My Homies Cookie Cutters 

Baking With My Homies

When you’ve got the munchies, cookies are your best friend. And why not make cookies in the shape of your favorite rappers? You can literally bite their heads off after you take a hit. They’d want it that way.

Buy at $10.95

Smokeable Clothing 

Hood Hookerz Smokeable Hoodie

Finally, a way to smoke and feel cozy in your favorite oversized hoodie, Put this on and light up the drawstrings for a fun time. Talk about “high fashion.” Ha!

Buy at $124.20

Emergency Food Tin

Emergency Food Tin

When you get the munchies, you need food, fast. And this tin can help. Stash your favorite candy or stoner-friendly food (White Castles, anyone?), and enjoy!

Buy at $10.95

Hypotrochoid Art Set

Hypotrochoid Art Set

If you’re the type that lights up and then feels creative, this is for you. Use it to make your next work of art. This comes with three pens and plastic tools to create neat circles that you’ll love.

Buy at $5.95

Bake-N-Serve Blundt Cake

Bake N Serve Blundt Cake

What does every stoner want? Why cake, of course! Use these molds to create “blundt” cake. If you’re headed to a 4/20 party, these will probably be the most popular items there.

Buy at $12

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