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Accessories To Brighten Up a Rainy Day

We all know how the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But routinely getting drenched and dealing with gray skies all the time is annoying. Before you crawl into a hole and wait to emerge when the sun is shining, we’d recommend these great items that will get you through a drab day. From funky umbrellas to a waterproof city map, you’ll love using these items next time your town gets soaked.

Sunny Side Up Umbrella


Since the sun is away, you can bring it to yourself with this umbrella. Talk about a whole new meaning to sunny side up! It’s bright yellow and has a white sun icon on top so you can literally put the sun above your head.


Sky Lite Umbrella

Sky Lite Umbrella

So the skies might be gray, but this umbrella can remind you that clearer skies are ahead. Open this up and appreciate the blue skies that are above you. It’s as pretty as a desktop screensaver.


F*ck the Rain Umbrella

Fuck The Rain Umbrella

We get it: you don’t like the rain. And if you’re looking for a way to express your distaste, we’ve got the answer. Give the rain a big middle finger while you walk down the street. You’ll feel better. We promise.


Color Wheel Stick Umbrella 

Color Wheel Stick Umbrella

After the rain, you get a rainbow. Let this bright, multi-colored umbrella remind you the bright, beautiful skies are ahead.


Crumpled City Map

Crumpled City Map

Ditch those paper maps in the hotel lobby that will get ruined once you step outside and unfurl this plastic one because it will guide you to Chicago’s and New York’s top attractions. Your phone will never get ruined again!


Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

Rainbow Maker

When the sun is shining, this solar-powered rainbow maker is gathering the energy it needs to light up whatever room it’s in. When it’s raining and you’re feeling blue, fire this up and let the light in.

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