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7 Great Coffee Mugs

When most people wake up, the first thing they usually reach for is a good cup of coffee. And the first things your hands touch should be a mug that inspires you or makes you laugh. We’ve got a great selection that’s sure to make getting out of bed easier. Or just provide you with a cute item where to store your writing implements. From a Van Gogh-inspired mug to a retro one, you’ll love these picks. Drink up!

Squirrel Mugtail 

Squirrel Mugtail
If you stare out your window every morning and watch as the squirrels and the birds frolic, this mug with a squirrel-tail for a handle is for you. Sip some tea and enjoy a new day. Or use this as a candleholder—the ceramic it’s made out of glows just right in the light.

Day and Night Mug
Day and Night Morphing Mug

Let’s be real here: who among us likes downing some cold tea or coffee? No one. But that’s where this mug comes into play. The Earth mug “senses” heat and will light up bright when your beverage is warm. When it’s cold, the Earth goes dark again. Pretty nifty, huh?

Boom Mug – Retro Music
Boom Mug Retro Music

You’ll be tempted not to lift this above your head Lloyd Dobler style. Just be sure not to do that when it’s filled with a piping hot beverage. Any music lover will appreciate this throwback mug. Now cue the Peter Gabriel.

Starry Night Mug
Starry Night Mug

Sometimes you just need to wake up to a beautiful sight. And we can’t think of a more gorgeous image than Van Gogh’s stunning “Starry Night” painting. Art lovers and beauty addicts alike will appreciate this one.

Shakespearean Insults Mug

Shakespearean Insults Mug

Your high-cultured (but low brow) friends will love this mug. Who wouldn’t want to sip tea and read a good ole fashioned insult like “Thou Art a Boil?”

Toilet Mug

Toilet MugA mug this unusual is only for the funniest among us. If it’s too much for you to drink out of it (we can’t blame you), consider using it as a candy dish or even as a pot for a plant. Get creative.

Scrabble Tile Mug

Scrabble MugWord nerds and Scrabble fans alike will love this tile mug. Sip your cup of joe and think about your next award-winning word combo.

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