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Treat Yourself: Stress Relieving Items For Tax Season

April is here, and everyone knows that April brings one dreaded holiday: tax day. If you’re fretting about the April 15th  deadline just like everyone does, rest assured that these devices can help you calm down during this very stressful day. Before you know it, your taxes will be filed, and you’ll be chilling out with one of these great products. Enjoy!

Eye Massager

Eye Massager

The best way to calm yourself down? Close your eyes. This eye massager is one of the easiest devices you can use to get there. This may even help with stress, tension, insomnia and even pseudomyopia or sudden nearsightedness.

Wobble Balls

Wobble Balls Pet Toy

OK, so this isn’t a stress-relieving tool for you, but who doesn’t love watching their pets play? Especially with a treat you can buy for them with your hefty tax return. Fill this wobble ball with toys and watch Fido try to get them out. It will put a smile on your face, for sure.

Carepeutic Spine-Relax Shiatsu Back Massager
Back massager

Chances are you’ll be sitting at your desk for long hours when you’re getting that return finished. So why not get a massage while you’re crunching those number? This device features eight dual-rotating shiatsu massager that will roll away the stress.

AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffusing Mister


AromaMist Spa Diffuser

The power of aromatherapy is not something that should be overstated. Use some soothing lavender oil, fire this up, and wait for the aroma to calm you. And then say, “ahhhh.”

Carepeutic Traveler Rechargeable Pain Relief Massager

Travel Rechargeable Handheld Massager

Since you’ll be chained to your desk and won’t have time to get a full body massage, try this device. It’s hold and cold. Use this powerful vibration wherever you need to release tension—we’re guessing your neck could use it most.

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