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Celebrate Something on a Stick Day

Here at 2Shopper, we’re all about celebrating funky holidays. And our favorite March one is “Something on a Stick Day.” Held on the 28th, you’ll want to celebrate this fun one in style. And that’s why we’ve gathered together these great party picks. So, get your  bite-size appetizers ready and party down!

Moby Pick Party Picks

moby whale party picks

Consider using these for your next book club meeting or to amuse your literary friends. These water-spout shaped blue picks come with a white whale. Wink. Wink. Make like Ahab and slay your own whale—by whale we mean cheese cubes or olives—with these to really keep up with the theme.

Sword’oeuvres Sword Picks 

Sword Party Spreader Picks

You might want to consider using these to coincide with the debut of the next season of Game of Thrones rolls around. These sword shape spreaders are perfect for, well, spreading dip but also for poaching larger items like, say, chicken. Who says you can’t be creative with these tools?

Lip Service Mustache Party Picks

Lip Service Mustache Picks

If you want to pay “lip service” at the party, consider using these mustache picks. Skewer an olive or other bite-size goody with one of these and enjoy.

Mmmeow Party Picks 

Meow party picks

Cat lovers will enjoy spearing that bacon square or tiny tofu cub with these cat party picks. We can envision Taylor Swift loving these ones.

Food Zombies Party Picks

Zombie Party Picks

The zombie apocalypse could strike at any moment. And you’ll be prepared with these party picks. Skewer hush puppies or meatballs and serve them to the zombies. Maybe they’ll spare you. Who knows? If you really want to use these to full effect, consider bloodier-looking items like ground beef or beets. Consider these gruesomely fun.

Boogie Bites Party Picks

Boogie Bites Party Picks

Throw on your favorite tunes and get movin’. These dancin’ party picks will bring some live to your party. Shake your bon bon!

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