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Awesome Travel Water Bottles For Your Outdoor Activities

With those higher temperatures rising, chances are you’ll be spending more time outside. During the summer it’s important to stay hydrated whether you’re out in nature, on the road or even at home.  If you’re looking for a modern and eco-friendly water bottle for the summer, without spending too much money, then check out these super stylish bottles and containers that will fit your budget.

Eau Good Filter Water Bottle 

Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

Discover just how good tap water tastes with this Eau Good Filter Water bottle. It’s glass-inspired, secured with a cork stopper and comes with a recyclable binchotan charcoal filter you can use for six months. The filter reduces chlorine, waters in the minerals and pH balances.

Takeya Glass Water Bottle


If you’ve avoided plastic water bottles because of the taste they leave behind, you’ll want consider this water bottle. Made of glass and wrapped in silicone sleeve, you’ll actually enjoy carrying this around since it’s so stylish. Choose between pink, blue and black.

Bubi Bottle

Bubi Bottle

If you’re searching for a miracle product, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the Bubi Bottle. It’s eco-friendly, collapsible and recyclable. You can fold this into your bag and then unfurl it and fill it with liquid or dry goods.

Bottle x 4 Joint

EMY Bottle Joint 4x

If you’ve got kids, you’ll want a Bottle x 4 Joint bottle. This one comes with four different drinking mouthpieces. This is ideal for family workouts or outings. Plus, you’ll never hear your kids complaining about cuties again. This would be ideal for a day hiker or someone who carries a pack and doesn’t have a ton of space.

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