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Great Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Favors


The warmer weather has returned. And pretty soon it will mean wedding season will be in full swing. But before wedding season comes the most fun season of all: bachelor or bachelorette parties. Grab a drink, a few friends and get down. These favors will help you celebrate your single status before you tie the knot. Have fun!

Mr. P One Man Hang Wall Hook

Mr. P Wall Hook

Let’s be real: “adult items” (ahem) are usually what make an appearance at these parties. But if you’d prefer not to take a trip to your local “adult store,” consider this cheeky hang wall hook. Mr. P is cute, clever and useful—hopefully just like your husband.

Mr. P One Many Shy Lamp

One man shy lamp

If the wall hook is a little (wink, wink) too much for you, try this smaller favor. It still comes complete with a Mr. P reference (ha!), but it’s a little less noticeable. Turn your man on or off when you need some light, and try to find ways to make a million dirty jokes with this gift. It’s easy. Trust us.

Little Black Book

Little Black Book

The trouble with cell phones is that it’s way too easy to get everyone mixed up. You go to text your significant other and you end up texting your boss. Yikes. To avoid potentially awful social experiences, consider this hard copy little black book. It will make keeping track of all your contacts a breeze. Feel free to rate how “fun” they were with the pints of beer.

Heart Shaped Drinking Straws

Heart Straws

Every great party deserves equally great drinks. And these heart-shaped straws will make any great drink even better. After all, these things are about love, right?

Perfect Man Ice Tray

Perfect Man Ice Tray

What does everyone wish for? Why the perfect man of course. Since that doesn’t exist, you might as well use these ice trays to make ice cubes of one.

High Heel Cake Server

Leopard High Heel Cake Server

When it comes time to cut the cake, make it even sweeter with this server. The fashionista in your life will appreciate this chic option in the shape of a heel that’s available in leopard print.

Vino2Go Insulated Wine Tumbler

Vino2Go Wine Tumbler

Typical party hazards include spilled drinks. To help prevent this, use this tumbler to keep your wine cool and drink even more. If you gift this, you’ll probably be the most popular person at the party.

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