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How To Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Party Rock

March’s best holiday is just a few days away. If you’ll be wearing green, making green cookies or desserts or just drinking, we’ve got tools to help your party a smashing success. Or just the tools you’ll need to get smashed. Either way, Erin go Bragh!

Thirzt2Go Collapsible Beverage Dispenser

Collapsible Beverage Dispenser

Fill this with your drink of choice (may we suggest something green) and then bring the party wherever you go. Once it’s empty, it folds up nicely into a purse. We’d also recommend buying a green one to really go all out. It’s only St. Patrick’s Day once a year.

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Rainbow cocktail layering tool

Use different liquors to create a rainbow-colored cocktail with this tool. Who knows? Maybe when you’re finished drinking, you’ll find a pot of gold.

Rainbow Jelly Mold

Rainbow jelly mold

You can either serve this Jell-O plain or make it fun and add vodka. Jell-O shots for everyone!

Spin the Shot

Spin the Shot

Forget spin the bottle. Adults play spin the shot. Spin this and then drink. Just hope that you’re the lucky one this lands on!

Loaded Dice Drinking Game

Loaded Dice Drinking Game

This game is simple: pour a drink, place a cap on both ends and shake. The dice will tell you to pass or drink. We’re going to tell you to have fun.

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