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Gift Ideas for Vintage Lovers

vintage typewriter
Say whatever you want about hipster culture. But one of the more positive aspects of this “cool” movement is that it’s bringing vintage back, yeah. Regardless of your recipient’s “hipster status,” they’ll probably love these items that look old, but are brand new. But that can be our little secret.

Franklin Globe

Replogle Franklin Globe

Nothing says vintage quite like an old-looking globe. This intentionally yellowed one looks like a globe your grandfather kept in the attic. It makes a great gift for the academic in your life.

Retro Cell Handset 

Retro Cell Phone Handset
Missing rotary phones? Well, this is your chance to blend old with the new. This Victorian-era handset connects to phones with a 3.5 mm jack—most of them have this—and even shields 99 percent of radiation. Safety and vintage? What more could you ask for?

Camera Shoulder Tote

Camera Tote Bag

Indulge your inner photographer (Instagram will do that to a person) with this shopping tote. Different old-school cameras are splashed all over this eco-friendly tote. It’s perfect for hauling groceries and picking up your rolls of developed film. Since vintage lovers still do that.

Gentleman’s Hardware Shoe Shine Kit

Gentleman's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit
This polished (pun-intended) shoe shine kit is as a gorgeous as a prop on the set of Mad Men. This is the ideal gift for your business professional who can never get his shoes shiny enough. Inside you’ll find two brushes, 2 kinds of polish, a cleaning cloth and a discreet case. Shine on.

Folklore Mugs

Wild & Wolf Folklore Enamel Mugs

For the reader in your life that has too many books, consider this folklore mug. The animals on the mug tell the story of a few fairy tale characters: “a deer of divination, an owl of the occult, a surrealistic squirrel, a bear of blessings, and finally a bewitching bird.” Your friend that loves cracking the spines on new books will get a kick out of this one for sure. They can even use it when they’re reading.

Scrabble Coasters
Scrabble Coasters

Word nerds rejoice! These Scrabble (fun fact: the game dates back to the 1930’s) coasters are the perfect accessories for board game enthusiasts. This gift comes in a tin and includes two full alphabets and two star tiles. And who doesn’t love an already-wrapped present?

Mustache Doormat
Mustache Door Mat

Since mustaches are mostly a thing of the past, this doormat will bring them back to the present. Talk about a memorable welcome. Plus, visitors will think it’s cute.

Retro Wall Clock
Kikkerland Retro Wall Clock

When you see this clock, the song “Rock Around the Clock” will probably start playing, even if it’s just in your head. It’s vintage, cute and makes telling time a whole lot more fun.

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