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Fun Gifts for a Pi Day Party

pi day  3.14

Every math nerd out there will tell that you that the most important holiday out there is Pi Day. No, that’s not a misspelling. We’re talking about the beloved mathematical constant representing 3.14 that helps us in so many ways. If you’re hosting a pi day party, these accessories will help make it great. And feel free to bring you very own pie. We’re sure it will be delicious

Letter Pressed Numbers

letter pressed numbersIn the spirit of Pi Day, whipping up a dessert is in order. And why not make these number cookies? If you really want to get nerdy, consider just making combo of 3, 1 and 4. Get it?!

Pizza Pi Cutter

Pizza Pi Cutter
Since you’ll probably be celebrating Pi day with a pizza pie, why not get this cute cutter to go along with the theme? You’ll be the most popular person at the party, for sure.

Number Mugs Set

Searching for a way to make numbers fun? Then try these colorful mugs. Fill them with your favorite beverage or play a fun math game. This is a Pi Party, and we’re sure you can think of something.

The DIY Calculator—Draw It Yourself Calculator

DIY Blank CalculatorDo you really need another black calculator? We’re guessing the answer is no. But if you love calculators and are just searching for a fun way to dress yours up, consider this mold. Unleash your inner artist and make your own special, unique calculator. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll see your creation in a museum somewhere.

Equation Watch

equation watch

Calculator watches are so 80’s. 2015 is all about this equation watch. And this is an extra special one. Each equation equals whatever number it represents on the watch face. How’s that for smart? Use this to entertain yourself or to impress your future beau.

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