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Top 4 Novelty Pizza Cutters

The only thing better than eating pizza? Why a creative and fun pizza cutter, of course! These picks are sure to make one of your favorite foods even better. So get ready to slice them up and serve. Yum!

Pizza Ax

Axe Pizza CutterEveryone knows that “lumber-sexuals” are in. If you’ve got one in your life or are just a fan of that look, consider this ax-shaped pizza cutter. It will cut through that slice of meat-lovers pizza faster than your man can cut down a tree. We promise.

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Fixie Pizza Cutter
Bikers rejoice! This one’s for you. It’s shaped like a bicycle and perfect for your next post-ride meal. Its bright yellow and black colors mean you’ll never lose this in your kitchen drawers. The cutter’s stainless steel wheel means you’ll glide through the cheese and dough like you would an easy downhill road.

Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Slicer

Pizza Boss 3000

The power tool junkie will love this one. It’s shaped just like your favorite saw and cuts through your pepperoni pizza just as well. Just don’t store this one in the garage. Wink. Wink.

Pizza Peddler Pizza Cutter

Pizza Peddler Cutter

Sometimes it’s nice to go all out. And when it comes to creative pizza cutters, it’s hard to top this monkey on a unicycle. Yes, you read that right. This whimsical creation is perfect for the kid who loves the circus or the kitchen maven who just enjoys creative tools.

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