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10 Valentine’s Gifts Under $10

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and if you’re broke, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to get your significant other. No, you shouldn’t break up with that person just so you don’t have to get him or her anything. And not when we have all these great gifts that are under $10 and perfect for your sweet heart.

Love Tokens

Love Tokens

Tokens of appreciation are always free, right? Well, these ones are. Use these cards in exchange for “gifts” like breakfast in bed or massages. Feel free to get creative here. Wink. Wink.


Luchador Bottle Opener

Luchador Bottle Opener

This superhero looking bottle opener would be perfect for your favorite drinking buddy. Crack a beer open and celebrate Valentine’s Day with this little guy and your favorite boy!


Fry Love You Egg Mold

Fry Love You Egg Mold

Give breakfast in bed an upgrade with this love mold. There’s just enough space inside the “O” for an egg. Use it to make toast and serve it with a kiss!


What I Love About You Journal

What I Love About You Journal

Love notes are classy. And that’s what makes this journal such a great gift. On each page, you express your love for your partner, Mad Libs style. Fill in the blanks with items like “You deserve” the blank “award.” May we suggest, “awesome?”


Magnetic Forever Chocolates

These magnets are shaped just like tiny chocolates. And who doesn’t love chocolates that last forever? Use one to attach a sweet note to the fridge. It will make the gesture even sweeter!


Heart Measuring Spoons

Heart Measuring Spoons

Your favorite chef deserves great tools. And if you’d like to give your sweet heart something special, consider these heart-shaped measuring spoons. You could get a head start and use these to bake your significant other a cake too. A caked baked from the heart. How sweet.


Sweet Pea Heart “Love” Hand Cream

Sweet Pea Hand Love Cream

Winter’s here and all our hands are dry. To help with this, consider giving this hand cream that’s in a heart-shaped container. It fits easily in a purse and makes your hands look great. This will make holding the hand of your significant other even nicer.


Hot to Handle Oven Mitt

Hot To Handle Oven Mitt

Your “too hot” to handle lover will appreciate this practical and handy oven mitt. Slip it over his or her hand if they appreciate baking. Or use it yourself when you’re whipping up that next batch of tasty muffins.


Eggspress Heart Shaped Egg Mold
Next time you’re adding eggs to a salad, consider using this heart-shaped mold. Create “heart” eggs and make your sweetest dish. It will be “eggs”-ceptional.


Chemical Attraction Vase

chemical attraction vase

A single rose can speak volumes. Place one in this test-tube vase and attach it to a mirror or fridge with the heart-shaped suction that wraps around the vase. It’s one of the classiest gifts ever.


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