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Fun Gifts for Single Friends This Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. If you’re coupled up, it means you get a chance to shower your sweetheart with chocolates, kisses and a night out on the town. If you’re single, it’s just another night, except worse because you’re constantly being reminded that you’re partner-less. But don’t despair. It is just one night. And if you’re hosting a singles Valentine’s Day party or just want your single friends to have fun too, these gifts will help make it a little more fun. Enjoy!

The Ex Pen Set 
The EX Pen Set

Breakups are incredibly painful. Breakups right before Valentine’s Day are just the worst. But this pen set can take the edge off. It’s filled with holes so you can “stab” your “ex” when you’re having a rough go of it… or when you just need another place to stash your pens. It’s like a very modern voodoo doll.

Splash Chopping Board

splash chopping board

If you need another device to help you get the anger out, consider this splash chopping board. It’s shaped like a bloodstain. So you can cut tomatoes and help kick those nasty thoughts of your last significant other. Plus, by the time you’re finished feeling better, you’ll have a great salad that’s all chopped up. It’s a win-win situation!

I Drink Alone Bottle Opener
I drink alone bottle opener

If you’re unattached this Valentine’s Day, there’s no shame in drinking alone. It will help take the edge off and hopefully make the time pass more quickly so it will be over sooner. This handy bottle opener—it says “Do Not Disturb” on it so everyone knows you’re serious—also will remind you that you don’t need anyone else to have fun. You’re all you need to kick back. Bottoms up!

XL Wine Glass

DCi Xl Wine Glass

We’re all for drinking in moderation. But sometimes, you just need a great big glass of wine. And that’s why there’s this XL Wine Glass. A single glass will hold one bottle of wine. Yep, no need to wash multiple glasses since you just need one. You also can use this to chill that bottle of vino you’re about to down. Either way, have fun! And remember, Valentine’s Day is just 24 hours. You can handle it. We promise.

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