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Helpful Accessories for the Flu Season

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Ugh. That’s all we have to say about flu season. If you’re currently stuck in bed aching, we feel for you. We’ve all been there. Since there’s no known cure for the flu, you can try those home remedies to help. They’re gentler than typical medicine, and hopefully you’ll be feeling great in no time. Get well soon!

AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffusing Mister

Spa Room Aroma Mist Diffuser

This machine both dehumidifies and oozes aromatherapy oils. That’s double benefits for flu-sufferers everywhere. It also may help with headaches, digestion and anxiety. It’s worth a try. Plus, your home will smell great.

Warm Heart Herbal Huggie Bear

51HIDw+3UjLHeat this soft, cuddly bear up in the microwave and wait for the smell of lavender and buckwheat to envelop you. This is the perfect for the young and young at heart. Plus, it’s adorable. This makes a great gift for the sick.

Lemon Tea Infuser

Use this lemon-shaped infuser to brew your favorite cup of loose-leaf tea. Peppermint tea is ideal for tummy troubles. Or feel free to drink whatever makes your taste buds happy. The more fluids, the better. Plus, lemons may be a great way to ease ailments like morning sickness, indigestion, fever and a lot of other issues.

Dr. Bird Juicer
Dr Bird Juicer

If you’d prefer to get your juices fresh, consider this cute humming-bird shaped juicer. Use it to juice lemons and limes. The vitamin C in citrus fruits can be really helpful. Use this adorable tool to reap the benefits of the juice. You’ll actually look forward to juicing with a juicer this cute.

Juicester XL
Chef'n Juicester XL

If you prefer to get your citrus from OJ, consider this strainer that comes with an attached glass. This handy tool makes juicing easy. Plus, you don’t even have to get a new glass out when you’ve finished making your glass of orange juice. Drink up!

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