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Ring Holders That Will Make Your Sweetie Swoon

Anyone with a Facebook account can tell you that this is the season for engagements. If you’ve got your own diamond that you’d love to show off, your sparkly jewel deserves a holder that really makes it shine. For gorgeous and creative options, consider one of these picks. They’re cute, stylish and provide you or your recipient with a stunning stand for that pretty piece of jewelry. Plus, displaying your rings on the holder will make for great engagement pictures too. Either way, celebrate love and life with these ring holders.


Chrome Bunny Ring Holder

Umbra Bunny Chrome Ring Holder
Since spring is right around the corner, this chrome bunny ring holder might make the perfect gift to accompany your sparkly ring. A silver or white gold ring will blend seamlessly in with it, and a gold one will really stand out. This will be perfect for your little “bunny.” Wink. Wink.

Zoola Elephant Ring Holder


This adorable elephant with an upturned trunk is so cute, your significant other will probably say “yes” as soon as they see it. Use it for a bride to be or someone who’s expecting since elephants are common in baby décor. Push presents are most appreciated, after all.

Umbra Giraffe Ring Holder


Stack these rings high—this giraffe’s neck can handle it. This would be perfect for your animal-loving friends. Or just the little girl who’s got plenty of costume rings.

Muse Umbrella Ring Holder


Rain is undeniably romantic. Breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t end with a long kiss in the rain for nothing. And this umbrella ring holder can help remind you of previous romantic moments. Or just as a reminder that you’ll make it through the rainy days.

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