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Top 5 Gifts for 80’s Lovers

Cue the Madonna, rock your neons and break out the John Hughes movies: the 80s is known, for some, as the best decade. If you’re got friends that really do wish it were 1985, we’ve got the perfect gifts for them. These vintage items harken back to that colorful decade and just look great. After all, when you take a holiday, it will be so nice. Or something like that.

80s workout queen

Boom Box Pillow Covers

boom box pillow covers

Make like Lloyd Dobler and hold these boom box pillow covers way above your head to woo your would-be lover. Or just rest your head on them. Either way, few things scream vintage quite like boom boxes.

Pac-Man Gear

pac man mug

Since you might not be able to fit one of these big arcade games into your home, bring classic Pac-Man into your kitchen with these mugs. Fill it with java and watch as Pac Man and his band of colorful characters slowly appear. Just be sure to hand wash this mug—you wouldn’t want the characters to disappear for good.

Glow Your Own

Glow in the dark sprayIndulge your inner child with this makes-anything-glow in the dark spray. What will it work on? Paper? Fabric? Wood? Yes! Yes! Yes! Go wild and light up your common goods with this fun, nifty invention. Better yet, throw a black-light party if you really want to get down.

Screwnicorn CorkscrewScrewnicorn

If “The Last Unicorn” was one of your favorite movies as a kid, you’ll appreciate this corkscrew shaped like one. Indulge your whimsy as you open up that bottle of wine and turn on that beloved 1982 flick.

Cassette Bottle Opener

cassette bottle opener


Nothing says 80s quite like a cassette. And you’ll enjoy this fun bottle opener that will remind you of old tunes and cruising around in your parent’s beat-up car. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to stick a pencil in the center to rewind. Remember that trick?


Record Placemats

record placemats

Vinyl fans will adore these placements. Let the needle drop on your favorite record on the player (may we suggest the most 80s album ever, “Thriller”) and enjoy your next fine meal on these, sold in sets of two. Best of all, they’re dishwasher safe.




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  1. sharoanypony
    January 16, 2015

    You know, we have got to get together…take some time to celebrate…


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