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Christmas Cheers and Craft Beers: Gifts for Beer Lovers

Move over eggnog, there’s a new holiday beverage set to take over: craft beer. The small-batch brew trend means beer lovers have even more reasons to get excited when they’re opening presents. Plus, it makes your job as gift giver easier. A few accessories to help them enjoy their beverage of choice will make the perfect present. Drink up!


Give the gift of beer this Christmas.

 Beer Tasting Set 

craft beer glass tasting set

Beer connoisseurs and newbies alike will fall for this set. Six different drinking glasses and coasters will give you a new appreciation for beer. Each one comes with a guide detailing what should go in it, food pairings and even what temperature to serve it at. Here’s to fun learning!

Das Horn Drinking Vessel 

das horn drinking vessel

Make like Fred Flintstone and sip your beer out of this creative, horn-shaped mug. Festival-goers and those who just love a great trinket will get a kick out of this fun mug. It also doubles as a Halloween prop too.

Walnut Bottle Opener 

walnut bottle openerEvery handyman will want this walnut-wood bottle opener—complete with a nail that pries off the cap—in his tool shed. Plus, it looks a lot nicer than a plain metal one, and it’s magnetic too. The DIY-guy or gal in your life will appreciate this work of art.

Menu Beer Foamer

Beer Foamer

If you want to recreate that draft-on-tap feeling in your home—without shelling out for a really pricy tap—meet your new best friend. Menu’s Beer Foamer creates that thick, frothy foam you’d find at a bar in your home. Simply pour beer into one part of the two-part container, mix it up and violà! You’ve got some good, crisp foam.

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