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Perfect Gifts for the Road Trip Traveler

Road Trip

Let’s face it: road trips can be a bit of drag. You’re stuck in a car for a very long time while you head to another place. Sometimes there’s traffic and other times you’re just tired. If one of your relatives will be road tripping to visit you, you should consider getting them a gift as a way to say thanks for making that tough trek. If you’re at a loss about what to get, rest assured. These picks will help make their trips easier and they’ll cherish these items for many future outings.

Travel Range Vacuum Bottle

Travel Range Vaccuum BottleThe wanderlust in your life will get a kick out of this stainless steel water bottle. Wrapped in a faux leather sleeve featuring a map of the world, the bottle will remind them of what’s left to still explore. The container generously holds about 16 ounces, and travelers can fill it with hot or cold liquids. Consider giving them a hot chocolate to go when they leave your house.

BigFoot Luggage Tag

Bigfoot Luggage TagEvery traveler knows that most luggage looks the same—mostly black with a handful of colors thrown in. To avoid another traveler accidentally nabbing yours, attach this green, colorful BigFoot luggage tag to it. It’s fun and bright. Plus, it’s made out of vinyl and will last for many more adventures.

Key Bottle Opener

Key Bottle OpenerEvery traveler probably reminisces about way back when hotels actually gave out real keys—not the plastic ones. And no one likes it when they don’t have a bottle opener handy. But don’t worry; this handy bottle opener solves both those problems. Your recipient can open a beer and pretend like they’ve got an old school key. It’s like two gifts in one.

Flight 001 Eyemask

Flight 001 EyemasksOne of the hardest parts about traveling? Getting a good night’s sleep. Being in a new place and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can do that to you. When counting sheep just won’t cut it, encourage them to don one of these clever eyemasks. The elastic band ensures the eyemask stays put, even if they’re tossing and turning.

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4 comments on “Perfect Gifts for the Road Trip Traveler

  1. Of Wildest Heart (Denise)
    December 16, 2014

    …THAT water bottle!!! 😀


  2. ttobat
    December 19, 2014

    We’re glad you like it! We LOVE that one too! what would you fill it with?


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