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Gifts for the Babysitter

Out of everyone on your gift list, your babysitter is probably the toughest buy. Yes, even worse than your I-have-everything-I-need mother-in-law. Since he or she is probably still in school, you might not be sure what to get the younger crowd. Well, look no further! These gifts are sure to impress that hard-to-buy-for teen.

superman with gift

Photo courtesy of Flickr user JD Hancock

Aquitaine Sundials Necklace

Sundial NecklaceBuying jewelry is hard. But this gorgeous necklace is an easy gift choice that does more than just look great. Hold it up to the sun and watch as the sun illuminates the hour. Even the coolest teen will love this one.

Boom 2.0 Speakers with Responsive Water & Light Show

Boom 2.0 Water & Light Show Speakers

What teen doesn’t love music? And with these speakers, they’ll never want to turn off their favorite tunes. The multicolored water in these speakers “dances” to the beat and creates quite the show.

Chalkboard Wall Clock 

Present Time Chalkboard Wall ClockThis clock’s chalkboard base gives teens the opportunity to leave each other chalk messages–a perk they’ll love. The hour pegs are actually holes that store the pieces of chalk so they’ll never have to hunt around for a piece. Plus, this would look great in a college dorm.

Luminglas Plasma Star

Luminglas Plasma Star

Your average teenager’s favorite place? His or her room. It’s the space where they can retreat to when they need to be alone. And this that star-shaped light that captures lightening in between sheets of glass is sure to become their favorite room item. Teens will enjoy how it lights up their rooms, even if they don’t like admitting it.

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One comment on “Gifts for the Babysitter

  1. sharoanypony
    January 16, 2015

    Im pretty sure if you gave a teenager those water speakers you would be “totes” awesome.


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