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Here’s What To Give Your Party Hostess

Chances are your schedule is packed with holiday parties over these next few weeks. In addition to making sure that you look your finest in your party attire (trust us, you do), you’re probably fretting about what gift to bring your host. If you’re stumped, ditch that boring plate of cookies and opt for these creative options. In no time, you’ll be getting invited to every hot holiday party in town.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user mysza831

High Heeled Wine Holder

High heeled wine bottle holder

Every fashionista will love this. And the only thing that makes a better gift than a good bottle of wine is this oh-so stylish high-heeled wine holder. It comes in four different colors and is sure to be the centerpiece of many other parties to come.

Drinking Flask Bottom’s Up

Bottom's Up Drinking FlaskLet’s face it: party planning is intense. And a hostess with a good sense of humor will appreciate these fun flasks. Might we suggest the leopard print? Plus, they’ll probably really appreciate a few swigs of booze after a full day of hosting. It’s your choice to fill it or not. Bottom’s up!

Inside Out Heart Cup and Sauce

Inside Out Heart Cup SaucerIf your hostess prefers to have parties in the afternoon, she’ll probably adore this heart-shaped saucer and cup set. Sip tea out of this charming set. Finger sandwiches and crumpets are optional.

Oprah Yedi Cups

An Oprah favorite, these cups were featured on O magazine

Lolita Tropical Wine Glass

Tropical Wine Glass

Even though warm-weather is a few months away, your hostess will be instantly transported to the sunshine-drenched tropics with this hand-painted wine glass depicting a day at the beach—palm trees included. Fill it with your favorite fruity drink to make it a really sweet gift.

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