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4 Decorative Lights You’ll Love


Photo courtesy of Flickr user: jessleecuizon

December brings holiday cheer, pumpkin pie and tidings galore. And who could forget the lights? They’re everywhere—on homes in your neighborhood and all over the malls you’ve probably been spending way too much time in—and just like that extra turkey wing, you’ve probably had your fill. But you shouldn’t let color overload stop you from enjoying lights. They’re one of the easiest, chicest ways to decorate. Forget red and green for a moment, and enjoy these gorgeous picks.

1. 10 LED Lantern Lights

If you love camping, but hate the cold, these lantern lights are for you. These LED lantern lights will give your home a rustic appeal. To complete the effect, consider making s’mores by the (indoor) fireplace.

LED Lantern String Lights

2. LED Branch Lights

Bring the outdoors in with these LED white light branch lights. These provide gentle, soft light and can make anyone room feel like summertime—even in the middle of December. As an added bonus, they’re super flexible and can be wrapped around many different objects.

white LED branch
3. Orchid Lights

Nothing makes a room look fresher than orchards. But they’re tough to maintain. If you want a way to brighten your home and make it look fresh with the flowers—without having to deal with caring for them—consider these orchid lights. You’ll add a touch of class to every room, effortlessly. Green thumb not necessary.
orchid lights

4. Meteor Rain Light
Star-gazers will love looking up at these lights. Reminiscent of silver meteors falling in the sky like rain, you’ll appreciate how these lit up the night sky. No need for gray skies (thankfully) to get the effect.

meteor rain lights

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