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Gifties for Swifties: 5 Gifts for Taylor Swift Fans

taylor-swift-promoYou’re probably aware of this person. On your radio, on your phone, in your head. Kind of hard to forget a person like her. Taylor Lautner? Taylor Kinney? Ohhhhh Taylor Swift. Right. What kind of person doesn’t know Taylor swift? I mean she’s everywhere! Since the release of her hit album 1989, the popularity of Ms. Swift has risen so indefinite she is indeed a goddess in the music scene. To summarize, it’s the golden age of the Swifties. If you or someone you know is a Taylor Swift fan aspiring to be exactly like her, then check out this gift guide of stylish and unique favorites that are bound to please the Swiftie of any age.

In other words, these gifts will say “You belong to me”.

Wild & Wolf 746 Petrol Phone

Tayloris known for her retro flair and isn’t afraid to show it in most of her videos and wardrobe. This 746 Petrol phone from Wild & Wolf replicates the classic home phone of the retro era with a modern touch. A sweet amplifier for letting your ex know that “We are never, ever, ever, getting back together.”

746 Petrol Phone Mint Green


Pretty much like this, but a lot cooler

Cat Measuring Cups

If you know Taylor (and I know you Swifties do) you probably know that she loves her cat, or cats in general, and that she also loves to bake. So what do you get when you add cats and baking? A catsserole! No, jk. Gross. I don’t eat cats. Are you kitten me right meow? Back to topic… cats + baking = these cute cat measuring cups.

Cat Measuring Cups

taylor swift cats

Hostess Bake Set

Speaking of baking, check out this Hostess Bake Set perfect for making your own Twinkies anytime. Listen to an album by America’s favorite sweetheart (Taylor) while creating one of America’s favorite sweet treats (Twinkies!) Forget boys Taylor, just stick to Twinkies. On the plus side if Hostess ever discontinues Twinkies again, you can create a lifetime supply of Twinkies at home!

Hostess Twinkie Bake Set

Forget boys Taylor, just stick to Twinkies.

Forget Me Notes

This daisy memo pad is a nice reminiscence of Taylor as the sweet innocent girl from the “Fifteen” days. This is great for those who still enjoy classic Taylor songs of hopeful wishing and teenage romance.

Forget Me Notes

Infrared Air Guitar

People were surprised to see that Taylor did not attend the country music awards recently but now we can appreciate her country roots again with this acoustic laser triggered guitar. A thrifty and nifty piece of technology, this infrared laser guitar plays chords just like a real guitar. You can even hook it up to your iPod or mp3 player to play along with your favorite Taylor songs.


MoMA Sky Umbrella

Seeing this sky umbrella reminds us of Taylor’s classic yet youthful style. The perfect cheer-me up for rainy weather or a sunny day.

Sky Umbrella

Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer

The little black dress. A classic must-have for every woman’s closet. This jewelry organizer shaped like a little black dress fits slim and sleek in your closet along with all your other little black dresses, all while organizing all of your jewelry and accessories into one small space. That’s a two for one deal right there.
Umbra Little Black Dress

Got some gift ideas for any Swifties out there? Let us know below.

2 comments on “Gifties for Swifties: 5 Gifts for Taylor Swift Fans

  1. sharoanypony
    December 5, 2014

    i never knew she was a cat lady 🙂 Yay!


  2. sharoanypony
    December 5, 2014

    i never knew she was a catlady! Yay


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