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Fall Is Here: Top 5 Blooming Flowers For Gardeners

Do you garden? Wish you could have beautiful flowers all year round? Well, aside from advising that you move someplace with less snow, I can give you my top five flower types that bloom late in the season. Along with each type, I’ll add some tidbits of information for your horticulture pleasure! Without futher ado, I give you…


These hardy plants can grow up to four feet tall.

Wrinkle Leaf Goldenrod

A beautiful plant native to North America, goldenrod’s cheery yellow golden flowers welcome the season with bravado. An added bonus? This flower actually is not typically a source of allergies, so plant without fear! Scientific name: soldiago rugosa.

Fall Crocus

All three subspecies originate in Turkey.

Fall Crocus

I’m sure you’re familiar with crocuses in springtime, but don’t overlook the Fall types! Also called Bieberstein’s crocus, these little beauties are perfect for both sun and shade. Scientific name: crocus speciosus.

Toad Lily

Just look at this intricate, orchid-like flower! (Image courtesy of Amy Stafford.)

Toad Lily

Go big or go home, right?! Though their name isn’t much to write home about, toad lilies will add a snazzy pop to your end-of-season garden. These easy-care perennials bloom from late summer to mid-Autumn. Scientific name: tricyrtis hirta.


Native to temperate and tropical regions of Africa and Asia.


Also called plumbago, leadwort is a great ground cover that thrives in both sun and shade. But beware: in sun, it has a tendency to spread pretty fast! This plant puts on not one but two Autumn shows: first, electric-blue blossoms take the stage, followed by leaves that turn lovely shades of red. Scientific name: ceratostigma plumbaginoides.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Wonderfully fragrant blooms attract pollinating bees.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

A native of the buttercup family, this fast-growing vine can grow to be 20 feet tall! Before you plant it, however, make sure to check that it isn’t still considered an invasive plant in your area. Scientific name: clematis terniflora.


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One comment on “Fall Is Here: Top 5 Blooming Flowers For Gardeners

  1. sharoanypony
    October 24, 2014

    Great tips! It’s hard to maintain during fall. But it’s the best time for planting!


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