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Top 5 Beaches Around The World

Summer’s not over yet! (In Southern California, where I live, I suppose it’s almost never over, but that’s not the point!) There are plenty of “Top 10 Beaches” lists, and some have 12 or 25 or 100. But have no fear: I’ve gone through them all and picked the tip top five just for you. If you’re the traveling type, these will no doubt hit the spot.

Fifth Place: Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia, gets its name from the surrounding colorful sand dunes, which are a mixture of browns, blacks, reds, oranges, and yellows. The dunes are said to have been formed by a rainbow-colored spirit plunging into the cliffs following a battle with a wicked tribesman.

Fourth Place: Langkawi

Langkawi, Malaysia, has become a modern hideaway for travelers seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The name Langkawi translates as “the land of one’s wishes”, a welcoming concept that hints at the island’s historic origins as a reputed refuge for pirates.

Third Place: Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is located in Cape Town, South Africa. I chose it because there are penguins living there… 3000 of them! Jackass penguins (yes, they’re really called that) can often be spotted wading in and out of the sea. The best place to see them is from a viewing boardwalk constructed on nearby Foxy Beach.

Second Place: Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is exactly what it says it is: hidden! Nestled within The Marieta Islands nearby Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it’s literally a giant hole with a beach inside it that’s rumored to have been formed by the Mexican military detonating test bombs in the early 1900s. Plus, there’s a water tunnel you have to pass through to get there.

First Place: the beach nearest to you!

Honestly, beaches are amazing and beautiful… and often too far away to feasibly reach. Sometimes, the best beach is the one you can get to and enjoy over a long holiday or weekend. Where is your favorite beach? Is it close by where you live? Would you travel further for a beach you’d prefer over another that’s nearer? I need beach tips! Tell me your best kept secret beaches.

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