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Epic Sand Castles

Expectation versus reality

No lie: this is how my sand castles turn out, if I’m lucky.

I never was much for the beach when I was a kid. That is, until I discovered the magic that was building my very own sand castle. Unfortunately, because my family lived so far away from the coast, a day at the beach was a Big Deal, and I never really got the opportunity to really hone my sand-castle-building skills.

I’m dating myself here, but back then I just had to build by trial and error, but these days anyone can look up online how to build a sand castle and sand castle tips.

Darth Sand

Not exactly a castle, I realize, but honestly… it’s still epic!

Sand castle building (can we please call it “sand castling”?) can be as fun or as professional as you want to make it. Take the kids for an afternoon and let them let their imaginations run wild, or visit Sand Castle Central to find out when and where the next competition is near you! Plus, if you’re near by one of the 10 Beaches Meant for Building Epic Sand Castles, you may just have to try sculpting sand yourself!

Modern Sand

Modern art, anyone? Seriously, though; how?

If you’re planning on having your sand castle(s) look anything like “the real thing”, keep in mind that you’re going to need a virtual arsenal of equipment. A plastic bucket and a colorful kiddie shovel just aren’t going to cut it. What do you use to do art? Paintbrush(es), rulers and measuring tape, and a sense of scale and aesthetic. What do you use to garden? Trowel and shovel, rake, bucket(s), hand shovel, and a ton of patience.

King Triton

King Triton, the ruler of the oceans, handles his chariot hyper-realistically. Unbelievable.

If you’d rather just watch someone else make magic with sand and water (even if it’s just your kids!), you can always head out on a bright summer day and applaud the craftsmanship, effort, and patience that someone else put into a sculpture that won’t even last 24 hours. But it’s okay! The sand will still be there tomorrow, and so will the people who can tame it under their hands!

tri-Sand Castle

Amazing. It’s the kind of thing that’s hard to believe unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes.

Are you going beach bumming this summer? Where? Where’s the best spot you’ve ever been?

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