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More Than Just Wine Coolers

So you’re thinking about throwing a grown up party, hmm? You know, the kind with adult drinks. Keeping your drinks cool shouldn’t be a hassle, and with these great items, it won’t be! First up, the ever classy Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid and Stainless Ice Scoop. Honestly, this little guy can go with you anywhere, but it’s extra great for casual gatherings without having to worry about your ice getting dust on it or having things fall into it. It measures 8″x8″x8.8″ and is sure to keep your drinks cool and refreshing long into the night.

Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid and Stainless Ice Scoop

Includes stainless steel ice scoop!

If you’re looking to keep you wine cool and ready for consumption, adding ice to your wine glass just won’t do! Instead, pick up the RAVI Iceberg or it’s traveling counterpart, the RAVI goCool Bag. These babies chill your wine while it’s still in the bottle, leaving your wine glass ice-free.

RAVI Iceberg

The Iceberg comes in two colors: classy black and chilly accurate white.

RAVI goCool Bag

This handy goCool Bag comes in orange, blue, clear (shown), and purple.

If your wine bottle is too big for the Iceberg or goCool Bag, consider the VinOice Wine Chiller. It’s an ingenious wine cooler (literally!) that chills from the inside out using a cooling rod that’s ready for use in just half an hour. Plus, it doubles as a classy pourer, complete with gravity lid.

VinOice Wine Chiller

Fits all standard wine bottle necks.

Okay! Now on to actual ice, right? We’ve covered ice buckets and wine chillers, but what about the actual ice? I’ve got that covered, too. I give you the Venice Gondola Ice Tray. The ice that it freezes looks like normal ice, but it’s really the tray that makes the evening, complete with an oar drink stirrer.

Venice Gondola Ice Tray

I just realized that it’s a Venice Gondola Ice Tray. Get it? It’s also Venice.

Last but not least, the Cool Shooters Ice Tray. If you’re upping your ice game—or upping your drink game—there’s no better way to do it than Cool Shooters. With these shot glasses, you don’t have to worry about ice because they are made of ice! Boil your water before pouring into the silicone rubber mould to create beautiful, clear shot glasses. Or, add strawberries or mint to the mould for a unique ice-and-drink concoction!

Cool Shooters Ice Tray

Fill the mold with water or juice, then place in freezer for a set of four frosty shot glasses.

Honestly, I’m most excited about the Cool Shooters—they have so much potential! What do you do to keep your drinks cool on party nights? (Of course, there’s always the classic Igloo Cooler.)

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