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Gag ’em! 4 Hilarious Prank Gifts

Everyone loves a good gag gift, except for the ones that make you literally gag — that’s a different post! In this case I’m talking about gifts that make people guffaw (that means laugh in case you’re wondering.) I am sure you have gotten and given a few novelty gifts in your time; not all of them land well but these four are sure to make the receiver smile and might even fetch a giggle or two.

And They’re Off!

Racing Grannies Wind-Up Toy Gag Gift Funny

Is someone you know retiring or just having a hard time with their upcoming birthday? 40? 50? GASP! Just kidding and the joke’s one them with these Racing Grannies. It is a two-piece set and you simply wind them up. Can you imagine 20 or so of these racing at the same time? Why imagine? You could easily turn these into a fun party game where the prize is…you guessed it! Another gag gift!

Ooh, Ouch!!!

Foot in the Door Doorstop

Freak people out at home or the office with this Foot in the Door Stopper. It’s realistic and looks painful so it’s sure to garner a wince from even the toughest guy in sight. or, get creative with that job search and literally send a foot in the door to your prospective new employer. Talk about impact and memorability. Your ingenue will be appreciated even if you don’t get the job!

A-B-C Gum aka Already Been Chewed

Chewed Gum Magnets
Gross right? Hardly! These Chewed Gum Magnets will catch the eye of anyone that sees them. I am sure many will think the gum is real, buy since they are just look-a-likes there are no germs and no grossness, just generous  laughs by those that receive or see them.

88m secret toilet water squirting potty prank gag giftWhat’s in the Secret Toilet and why is it a secret? Well maybe it’s not a secret so much as it is a way to get back at those nosy enough to take a peek. Watch out if that means you or, at least grab a pair of goggles because you’re about to get sprayed right in the face when you lift the lid to peek inside..

I remember growing-up in Colorado and crossing a freeway to go to the local mall just so I could go to the gag-gift store. Now, with the internet, just about any prank you want to pull is at your fingertips via the Internet.

What was the last gag gift you gave or received?

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